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House Nocturne - Vancouver Fringe Festival

House Nocturne

Produced by The Crystalline Cabaret - 60 Minutes

An electric roadhouse where enigmatic fantasies come alive after dark. With every sip,

witness a menagerie of captivating performers prowling the dusty stage. Eclectic dancers,

burlesque stripteasers, torch singers, and more show you the intoxicating taxonomy of the

night- in our nocturnal habitat. Be careful when you step into House Nocturnae, you may

never want to leave.

The Crystalline Cabaret is my initiative to create exciting multi-disciplinary performance

showcases that feature artists from a variety of alternative practices.

History: The Crystalline Cabaret started as Skull & Dagger Theatre Projects in 2014 as

part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival's Onsite program. Our first production, "Seaside

Stories of Terrible Things" was a text-based revue of classic and original oceanic

folklore. Upon application to the program, creative director Julia Mauro (BPA III) won

the Onsite scholarship for best original idea. The cast was sourced from various points of

the cabaret and theatre scene and featured two actors, a poet, and a burlesque artist.

During the festival, the show enjoyed an almost entirely sold-out run. Since then, the

Cabaret has moved away from text-based works in an effort to un-crutch our practice from

the English language, making our productions more accessible.

In 2017, we were reborn as the Crystalline Cabaret. Maneuvering towards a movement based

repertoire, we debuted "Lunarium", a vaudeville reimagining of Georges Melies,

"A Trip to The Moon". With a cast skilled in multiple dance disciplines, circus arts,

magic, burlesque, and physical acting, Lunarium firmly set us on our path as boundary breakers

and conveners. Our remount of Lunarium in January 2018 sold out the Fox


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